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About the journal


The journal “ALL CRANES” has been published in Russia since 2006. The editorial office is located in Saint-Petersburg. The idea of creation of specialized information journal has been realized on experience and knowledge of founders of the Group of companies the KRAN-SERVICE – the company working in the field of service and operation of lifting equipment for more than 10 years.

The work at each issue of the journal puts uneasy problems: how to make the journal more interesting, articles – more actual, and advertisement - more effective. Therefore, we are always in a creative search, we search fresh design decisions, we think over non-standard headlines and we involve non-ordinary authors. And the main thing, we publish only that, that is connected with load-lifting cranes.
The journal “ALL CRANES” consists of the basic thematic sections:
New Technologies
Automotive-type cranes
Crawler and wheel-mounted cranes
Tower, gantry and overhead cranes
Cranes - manipulators
Portal, offshore cranes
Railway cranes
Hoists, winches
Ropes, load-handling devices
Oil, grease
Safety devices
Security problems, examination
Patents and Inventions
The mechanic’s tips
Pages of History
Normative documentation
Legal aspects
Leasing, factoring
Exhibitions, reportages
The catalog of new cranes
The number of sections increases annually. Key materials of the journal are prepared by both professionals - designers of new standard documents and design decisions, and professionals – experts who share their experience and knowledge with readers. Interviews with the heads of the companies, results of specialized exhibitions and commercial materials are regularly published on pages of “ALL CRANES”. In the journal there was a headline SHOWROOM.  It is an original show room of new models of load-lifting cranes.
The journal “ALL CRANES” is an active participant of the Russian specialized exhibitions of the lifting-and-transport equipment, a building subject and the industrial equipment. Except the distribution at the exhibitions, the journal is delivered by the direct address delivery to the heads of the companies of machine-building, oil and gas, metal-working, building and other fields. Also, readers from different regions of Russia and the CIS countries subscribing to a journal receive “ALL CRANES”.
The electronic version of the journal is placed on the site: www.vsekran.ru. The journal circulation is 10000 copies.
The journal “ALL CRANES” invites participants and visitors of the exhibition BAUMA CHINA 2010 to the information cooperation. We ask to send press-releases, opinions and comments following the results of the participation in the exhibition on e-mail: vsekran@yandex.ru.
We are searching partners for the realization of joint projects throughout Russia.